Courtney Love Is Sued Again…Are You Surprised?

Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder for Courtney Love, they somehow manage to top the last outlandish incident. Earlier this year, Love's former lawyer Rhonda Holmes and her firm filed a lawsuit accusing the singer of libel stemming from a June 2010 incident where the singer tweeted allegations that Holmes “was bought off.” If the case plays out in Court, Love could be the first celebrity in the U.S. to stand trial for statements made on Twitter.

Normally, this would be just another ho-hum incident in the life of Kurt Cobain's ex-wife, but this time it's a bit different. Remember that little incident a few months back when Love accused Dave Grohl of hitting on her daughter Frances Bean? Well, Love's daughter was recently served with a subpoena notice. For those of you who aren't legal beagles, this means that Frances Bean legally has to testify, and more specifically to expand on her “Twitter should ban my mother” statement after the Grohl incident.


After the years of lunacy and antics, maybe (and hopefully) this will be the final Courtney Love incident that snaps her back to reality. Every time you hear about the 47-year-old Hole singer, it's never for a good reason. The first thought that generally comes to mind when you hear her name is “What the hell did she do now?”

The singer's love affair with bashing people on the social media network is well documented. About a year and a half ago, designer Dawn Simorangkir sued Love for using her old @CourtneyLove79 account to paint Simorangkir as a violent, sticky-fingered, drugged-up prostitute. Are you surprised? Then in March 2011, Love settled the case for $430,000, which oddly enough, was settled by one law firm of Gordon & Holmes. Now you see where this is going.

Lots of people use Twitter for good things, like interacting with fans, giveaways, breaking news and promoting new projects. Not Courtney Love. The fact that's she's being sued by her lawyer and having her daughter dragged into this mess will hopefully be the much-needed wake up call that the singer needs, which is a shame because a few short months ago (which seems like decades ago in Love time), she reunited with several of her original Hole bandmates for a well-received show in Brooklyn. It was a solid achievement that now seems like a lifetime ago in light of this and the Grohl incident.

Maybe this will teach the singer to stay off Twitter once and for all or if not, to keep her thoughts private and not hit the 'Tweet' button before sending out some potentially damaging material that could her in big trouble.

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