Costa Mesa IKEA Food Court Suffering from Tabasco Thieves

The chica and I went to IKEA last week so she could buy some stuff, which of course turned into a lot of stuff. I only go for the food, and we enjoyed their so-so pasta with marinara sauce and great almond cake for next-to-nothing.

One big problem, though: no Tabasco bottles on the tables. We went to the cashier to ask for a bottle–no go. Not even packets? Nope.

According to them, IKEA no longer offers Tabasco because too many people steal the bottles.


Is the economy that bad that people are stealing condiment bottles? And at IKEA, that bastion of bland, streamlined tastes? I can understand people trying to steal lingonberry juice at the store, or even the meatballs, but stealing Tabasco at IKEA is not only sad, but downright strange.

For once, you can't blame Mexicans for a crime in Orange County–not only are the Mexi crowds there light, but we almost never use Tabasco unless it's to allay the fears of our gabacho cousins-in-law…

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