[CORRECTED:] Stoked N Broke is a Surf Film for Our Times and It Screens TONIGHT

Korduroy TV


CORRECTION: In yet more evidence that yours truly thought yesterday was Sept. 16, the film previewed below rolls TONIGHT, the real Sept. 16. So, read the following as if you didn't read it yesterday but are doing so today. And the photo at left right is from a previous Art Theatre in Long Beach screening; the Lido's doors open at 8 p.m.

So many of us are broke right now, but how many can claim to be stoked as well? Sure would make it a lot easier to deal, no? Contemplate that life lesson tonight while taking in Cyrus Sutton's Stoked N Broke at the Lido in Newport Beach.

Stoked N Broke Teaser from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.
According to the film's presenter and surf culture website Korduroy TV, Sutton has written and directed “a staycation safari epic on zero dollars.” Breeze through the trailer above for a taste.

And now back into Korduroy TV:

Making their own boards, bamboo rickshaws, solar cookers, and hobo
Ryan Burch and Cyrus Sutton set off on a thirty mile, eight day
walk through San Diego, CA. It begins as a guide to taking a minimalist
surfing journey, but quickly becomes an examination of the relationship
between freedom and alienation. The people they meet along the way all
have complicated relationships to our society where native connections
to the land have been severed and marketing forces incessantly chip away
at basic feelings of contentment. Consulting bums, panhandling, selling
sage, and collecting cans they learn through sobering personal stories
that while the ocean can dull the pain, it can result in loneliness and
limit their likelihood of building strong human relationships. Even a
non-surfer could appreciate this film.

See, this is deeper than your garden variety surf porn, reflecting on society as a whole and not just the killer breaks at Mavericks.

Before the screening, there is a pre-party and “Tarp Surfing session” from 5-7 p.m. at Almond Surfboards, 367 Old Newport Blvd., Newport Beach. Doors open at 8 p.m. at the historic Lido, which is at 3459 Via Lido (near Via Lido and Newport Boulevard). Levi Prairie serenades you before the stoking and broking with live music. Tickets are $9 (check the couch cushions).

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