Cops Raid Illegal Fountain Valley Pot Grow

Southern California Edison (SCE) apparently doesn't like it when you illegally tap into the company's electrical grid to power your indoor marijuana grow. So when it realized that whoever was living at the house in the 10700 block of El Rubi Circle was pirating an inordinate amount of electricity, the company dropped the dime on the location. 

Yesterday, Fountain Valley police showed up at the house with a search warrant, but nobody answered the door. What they found inside, however, immediately explained why SCE was so suspicious.


As it turned out, according to a report in yesterday's City News Service (CNS), “every room in the four-bedroom house” was being used to grow marijuana. Police told CNS that evidence seized during the raid included “sophisticated venting, lighting, ballasts and irrigating systems, along with processing equipment.”
Cops also seized 340 plants and 1 pound of dried marijuana. Since nobody was home, police made no arrests. Stay tuned to see whether the owner of said weed was either sloppy enough to leave behind incriminating traces that will lead the cops to identify anyone, or if he or she shows up at police headquarters with a stack of paperwork proving the pot was legal under state medical-marijuana law, in which case the only crime would appear to be stealing electricity.

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