Contributor to Long Beach St. Hate Professor Kevin MacDonald's Publication Harasses Chuck DeVore

I don't check Red County regularly anymore, ever since they began switching web layouts every three months or so and de-emphasized county coverage for loser areas of the country. And I definitely don't follow former state senator Chuck DeVore's tweets because he issues about a gazillion of them every day. So pardon my tardiness, Chuck, to your April 11 post detailing your ugly encounter with one of the goons of Long Beach State hate professor Kevin MacDonald.

The incident actually happened in San Mateo County, where DeVore was addressing the Republicans up there. In his blog, DeVore just says that someone tried to heckle him, someone who “is a
white supremacist – a man with a twisted, hateful ideology that Adolf
Hitler himself would have readily recognized” and that he writes for a “white power” site.

That website? Run by MacDonald, of course.


MacDonald, when not helping to run the lame-ass American Third Position Party, is the editor of something called the Occidental Observer, a site devoted to “White identity, interests, and culture.” Fun! Over there, DeVore's heckler told a more-complete story: apparently, one of the attendees was criticizing American policy toward Israel, and the neo-Nazi yelled “Right on!”

DeVore strolled up to him and said, “You're an ass” in the mic, at which point the skin yells “This guy is a neocon; Israel is stolen property”–like if white supremacists give a damn about the Palestinians. At that point, the MacDonald writer left the room, but not before intimidating women.

Nice to see MacDonald let goons write for his website, but considering he pals around with convicted criminals, it's not big surprise…

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