Contra Coffee and Tea Starts Hot Drinks Service TODAY

It's been a long almost five months since we first discovered Contra Coffee and Tea and their wonderful nitrogenated drinks at the Orange County Night Market, and I'm happy to finally have some new news. My favorite new business of 2015 will begin hot tea and coffee service TODAY at Scoops at the Roost in Santa Ana. If you're driving by in the morning, get your coffee there. If you need a pick me up, it's only a few blocks from downtown proper.

Now as for their cold nitro drinks we all love so much..


Contra won't have those online for a few more weeks (fingers crossed). The hang ups in opening hurt even more since the Downtown Santa Ana Farmers Market has closed for the season, meaning there's currently no way to get any of that Contra goodness without following them to one of their sparse events. Once it's open, I forecast great things.

For now, hot drinks will have to be enough. But god speed, 'cause I'm having Nitro Thai Tea withdrawals.

605 E Santa Ana Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92701.

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