Consider This

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t understand contraception. Wingnut religious conservative Rep. Todd Akin promotes biology lessons courtesy the misogynist Family Research Council. Texas defunds Planned Parenthood. The GOP supports a “Human Life Amendment.” People, it’s time to rent a DVD of The Handmaid’s Tale, reread Our Bodies, Ourselves, and attend the year’s final Planned Parenthood “Consider This” citizens’ salon. The question, “Should a body of Congress have control over yours?” is answered over lunch by public policy experts who don’t hate women and who actually know something about health care reform, access to care and women’s health research, including attorney Susan Estrich, Public Policy Institute of California advisor Kim Belshé and the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Alina Salganicoff. Their analyses are built on science and facts. Consider that!

Thu., Sept. 27, 11:30 a.m., 2012

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