Con Bro Chill

Not since the '80s has neon been so in vogue; but Con Bro Chill's fun party vibes and high energy dance entertainment calls for the dazzling day glo colors in their visual aesthetics. Comprised of brothers Con and Sam (also known as Bro) and friends Ty (also known as Chill) and Steve, all are here to get down with their pumped up musical stylings, which run in the vein of pop rock, which they call “Neon Dance Pop.” The band seem to radiate electrifying performances and outlandish showmanship, especially as they channel musical influences LMFAO and Freddie Mercury. It may be the highlight of your night to witness these music jocks erupt on the stage, but for Con Bro Chill, celebrating life through music and partying is what its all about. Performing tonight at the Constellation Room at The Observatory.

Fri., March 7, 8 p.m., 2014

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