Company Offers Sriracha-Flavored Chocolate Easter Bunnies

How far is too far with Sriracha? Sriracha-flavored popcorn? Sure, why not. Sriracha Flavored Lay's Potato Chips? Hell yes!

But what if the cock sauce veers into Easter dessert territory? Would your Sriracha faith be tested? Would you eat a Sriracha chocolate Easter bunny? Would you offer it to an unsuspecting three-year-old as reward for finding the most Easter eggs?


As reported by Dude I Want That, an online store purveyor called Sugar Plum Chocolates is  offering 8 ounce Sriracha chocolate Easter bunnies for about $18.
Now, it must be said that Sriracha and chocolate combos aren't new. has been selling Sriracha chocolate bars since the cook-sauce craze
took off. This is just its natural evolution, so embrace it and start thinking of
other chocolate bunny permutations that remain untapped. Maybe a
bacon-filled one for those who denied themselves meat during Lent?

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