Coming Soon to Japan: A Convenience Store/Karaoke Booth Hybrid!

Those that had ridden with me in a car know that I'm prone to randomly bursting into song. Put a microphone in front of me, whether at American karaoke à la Linbrook Bowl or Asian Karaoke à la Plush, and I'm ready to go. Honestly, the only thing keeping me from singing nearly all of the time is the fact that I sometimes have to shop and eat.

Well, that problem no longer exists in Japan. There, a convenience store chain is teaming up with one of the country's leading karaoke providers to place karaoke booths INSIDE corner stores.

Man, Japan really does get everything.


As RocketNews24 reports, the corner store/karaoke hybrid will be opening April 17 in Tokyo. The stores, which will be open 24 hours a day, will feature the standard 7/11-esque food and goods selection, but with the addition to 10 a.m. to 5 a.m. Karaoke booths. You know, just in case your significant other is taking just a little too long doing the shopping.

The best part: Purchases made in the store, whether food, booze, or other, is perfectly OK to use inside the karaoke booths. No more sneaking liquor or snacks into private rooms. And, as mentioned on RocketNews, if you accidentally sing the night away, you can always rinse your mouth out with some mouth wash and head back into to work.

But for those of us still state-side? Well, guess we'll just have to keep sneaking bottles of liquor places.. (Shh.)

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