Comedy Sucks

If you thought that embarrassing, humiliating videotape of you doing dumb things as a kid is “lost” somewhere forever, think again. Or that random children's puppet show recorded off of television that seems creepy and ridiculous by today's standards? Chances are it's in the hands of the hosts of Comedy Sucks, a comedy show that employs found footage from the depths of thrift stores and wherever recycled VHS tapes reside for its alternative stand-up comedy shows. Tonight, the footage comes in part from fellow found footage collective Grimy Ghost, who provide the most bizarre, obscure Halloween-themed videos for comedians Adam Cozens, Ramsey Badawi, Kyle Mizono, and Ahmed Bharoocha to riff off of. This is a BYOB event. Make sure your damning videotapes are locked up securely in a vault somewhere…

Thu., Oct. 1, 8 p.m., 2015

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