Comedy Central's Colbert Report On Laguna Woods Marijuana Controversy

The story of the Laguna Woods senior citizens who established a medical marijuana collective apparently has legs. First reported by the Associated Press and later picked up by numerous television and print outlets including our Navel Gazing blog, the story has finally earned its place in history as fodder for Comedy Central's late night fake Fox News show The Colbert Report.

In the clip, Colbert followed in the OC Weekly's footsteps by refusing to miss any opportunity to make fun of seniors or stoners.

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“Our elderly are getting baked,” Colbert railed, after presenting disturbing video clips of different members of the pot club talking about their fondness for, among other things, “the munchies.”  No wonder they're eating dinner at four in the afternoon,” he observed.

“Folks, we cannot have the greatest generation burning down,” Colbert continued. “Seniors will be crocheting black light posters and syncing Perry Como's 'Lighly Latin' with Season Three of Murder She Wrote. And we all know that pot is a gateway drug. Soon they'll be moving on to meth and nobody will know it because they've already lost all their teeth.”


 You can watch the entire clip on the show's website.

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