Colombian Cinema Showcase

MOLAA and Colombian Cinema Showcase's Sunday series concludes today
with its usual admirably diverse programming—stuff for the kids with
Juanito Bajo El Naranjo, stuff for the punkish with the documentary
Gogol Bordello Non Stop and stuff for the freaks with the short
Efecto Disintegrador and the feature Yo Soy Otro. We'll go with the
freaks. Efecto (about “virus, dogs, flying saucers and suicidal
airplanes”) is shot like one of Richard (A Scanner Darkly)
Linklater’s techno-rotoscoped animations and is bleeding with bizarre
dystopic visuals. And Otro is about a man who catches a gruesome
jungle virus—displayed with gruesome practical effects—and discovers
at the moment of his (possible?) suicide that the world is suddenly
filled with his own also-infected doubles. Stare death in the face?
Well, he’ll get used to it. Plus thriller Plata O Plomo, the grim
Entre Nos and more.

Sun., Aug. 29, 5:30 p.m., 2010

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