College Republicans in Fullerton to Host Ex-Lefty Comedian

Rubin (Photo courtesy CSUF Republican Club)

Hoping to spark political debate on campus, Cal State Fullerton Republicans announced today they will host a special public event with Dave Rubin, a onetime “left-leaning progressive” who appeared on the liberal Young Turks Network but nowadays says he’s abandoned the “regressive left” for a more libertarian bent.

Brooke Paz, President of the CSUF Republican Club and a public relations major, said in a press statement that Rubin—a married gay man who produces a popular YouTube show, The Rubin Report—“is the perfect” guest speaker to advance her organization’s commitment to “fostering intellectual diversity and civil discourse” among students.

Rubin isn’t a declared Republican but he has opined that conservatives do a better job restraining the, well, nuts in their own ranks more than Democrats. He labels himself a “classic liberal” in the sense that his overarching aim is freedom, limited government and individualism plus a “rational, logical” fight against the worthiness of “identity politics.”

Beginning in the late 90s, he has performed stand-up comedy and once worked as an intern at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In 2013, OC Weekly’s then-sister paper in Los Angeles directed its readers to Rubin’s often-humorous Twitter account. He’s hit the Irvine Improv stage.

“We look forward to hearing Dave speak and having a robust Q&A with the audience,” said Tyler Caronia, events director for CSUF Republicans. “We hope to hear from everyone on all sides of the political spectrum, especially those who may have disagreements with our club.”

Titan Student Union Pavilion doors will open at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 29, 2019. Rubin, a New York City native, will speak an hour later for the 90-minute event that will focus on political correctness, groupthink and “distorted mainstream media narratives.” Tickets are available for $30.

In 2017, CSUF Republicans showcased the less substantive, more melodramatic Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative gay activist who has called Donald Trump “daddy” and attracted routine protests. UC Irvine Republicans recently claimed they will bring Yiannopoulos to campus next year.

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