Coffeebar Byul Opens in Diamond Jamboree; Second Planned For Culver Plaza in Irvine

Coffeebar Byul opened three days ago in Irvine's Diamond Jamboree, and I predicted in the post I wrote a few months ago, it is, in fact, a Korean coffeehouse. For now it means that it serves waffles along with its coffee.


Offered are bags of beans, and brewed coffee. There are espresso beverages which include one called Gangnam Style, which involves shots of espresso mixed with chai. And there are what they call “Pour-Over V60 Coffee” made with beans from Ethiopia, Panama, and Sumatra.

You can also order familiar ice-blended beverages including a caramel latte frappe and a Java chip frappe. So far Coffeebar Byul dares not infringe on 85 Degrees territory in offering sea salt coffee.

A second location is in the works at Culver Plaza, taking over It's A Grind.

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