Cocky IRS Fraudster Accidentally Solicited Orange County’s Best Financial Cop


For an ignorant, cocky criminal, fate sometimes leads directly to an unamused law enforcement officer.

That’s what happened recently when an overseas fraudster left a fake Internal Revenue Service (IRS) message designed to raid an innocent person’s bank account on the telephone of a savvy, veteran investigator at the Orange County district attorney’s office (OCDA).

Damon Tucker, an expert in uncovering economic crimes, called the anonymous individual back for an entertaining, mutually hostile conversation that featured the criminal’s contempt for all Americans.

In hopes of alerting citizens to IRS scams in advance of the April 15 income tax filing deadline, OCDA aired a Youtube video today of Tucker’s interaction with the crook, who laughably refused to believe the detective’s identity.

You can see our OC Weekly feature of this detective’s prior superb work HERE.

And go HERE to watch the OCDA video featuring Tucker and  District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, who looks lethargic perhaps from trying to remember which fib to tell in his agency’s unforgivable, two-year-old jailhouse snitch scandal.

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