Coastkeeper Urges OC Residents To Stand Up Against Poseidon Tonight

The Orange County Coastkeeper, a nonprofit organization that serves as a proactive steward for fresh and saltwater ecosystems, is calling on OC residents to attend a meeting tonight concerning the cost of distributing desalinated water from the proposed Huntington Beach Desalination Plant.

Poseidon, the leading seawater desalination developer in the United States, has its sights set on the land next to the AES power plant in Huntington Beach to build a water desalination plant. The purpose of the plant is to remove salt from ocean water so the water can be used for drinking or irrigation. According to Coastkeeper, if the desalination plant follows through, OC residents will be the ones who foot the bill for a new water distribution system, which will cost millions of dollars, on top of the billion dollars it’s going to cost to build the plant.

Additionally, the location in which Poseidon wants to build the desalination plant is subject to extreme flooding, thus making it vulnerable to possible restoration costs. Another topic Coastkeeper is likely to bring up at tonight’s meeting is the environmental impact it will have on the ocean and marine life in Southern California. 

Tonight’s meeting will be held at the Orange County Water District located at 18700 Ward St. in Fountain Valley.  See you there!

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