Coachella: Final Thoughts and Lessons Learned

And so it's done. Three days of half-naked music enthusiasts, a ton of great music, balloons falling from the sky, a rap star singing in a crane…Obviously we'd do it again next year in a heartbeat, but here are some thoughts that aren't necessarily related to music that helps everyone in the long run:

1. Look at a map of the venue and figure out alternate routes.
That's how we figured out how to get in and out of the festival in 20 minutes after the first day. It saves you time and makes for a much more pleasant concert experience.

2. Don't feel bad if you miss the band you wanted to see. After all, there's always another one playing in 20 minutes–in the meantime, go to the DoLab tent!

3. Comfort first! We did two things different this year: first, we wore different shoes everyday (it made a difference) and two, we made it a point to visit tents with misters/water spraying everywhere.

4. Check out the art installations. You'd probably see one of the bands in the lineup in your neighborhood at some point, unless it's like, Kanye West or Big Audio Dynamite–but that tesla coil won't be coming to Detroit Bar any time soon.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:


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