Coachella DJ Josh Brooks Spinning at Detroit Bar Friday

Turntable aficionados will be pleased to note that DJ PZB, a.k.a. Josh Brooks, will grace the stage at Detroit Bar Friday night as part of the club's weekly Static Fridays. For those of you grooving the night away under the desert sky at this year's Coachella, DJ PZB was featured on the Energy Factory stage.  He will be proceeded by Kitty Pawz, who, it must be mentioned,  moonlights as a DJ by night but spends his days as a cubicle jockey here at Weekly world headquarters. 


Though he'll be spinning Dub Step at Detroit, Pawz (pictured, left) is also a fan of Moombahton, which he often spins.  If you don't know what Moombahton is, you're not alone — I had to ask, too. Be forewarned, this is another example of our increasingly fractured world as the music blends styles previously blended and mashes them together. Here's the breakdown:

 The sound started snaking its way into audience's ears in 2009 courtesy of D.C. spinster Dave Nada. Legend has it he was playing an Afrojack remix of the song “Moombah” at a homecoming party when he slowed the beats per minute to 108–a rhythmic standard associated with Reggaeton.  The popular Latin music, which combines hip-hop with dancehall, is a central element to the Moombahton sound, which also features chopped, or slowed, a capella vocals in addition to innovative percussive elements. 
Sounds like a good, old-fashioned, postmodern Friday night. We'll see you there. Until then, enjoy this clip featuring Moonbahton music accompanied by a looped image of a lady's thonged derrière.

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