CNN Asks a Mexican About 'Ask a Korean'!

Okay, I'm really late to this story, but I mention it just because the guy deserves all the praise on Earth: last month, CNN's website did a profile on Ask a Korean!, the blog that answers any and all questions about the Mexicans of continental Asia and directly cites my ridiculous column as inspiration.

The Orange County connection after the jump!

The Korean–who lived in Southern California before moving back East–was kind enough to bump me to the top of his packed question queue for my stupid question on why “-rang” was in so many Korean words. Being the naranjero that I am, I had to put an Orange County spin to it, name dropping Sarang Community Church in Anaheim and Garden Grove's Arirang Market. His answer was everything my column isn't–straightforward, clean, informative–but the guy is kind enough to plug my columna whenever possible. Got a spicy question for the Korean? Ask him at as********@gm***.com!

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