Club Pick: The Red and White Party at Tia Juana's Nov. 13

Watching the clash between good and evil never gets old does it? Especially if involves the two silicone-stuffed vixens on this week's flyer for KIIS FM's Red and White party at Tia Juana's tomorrow night. OC's rowdiest party animals are coming together on the dance-floor in a battle charged with sweat, Top 40 mash-ups, and shameless color coordinated outfits. Ladies, this is officially your last chance to rock that barely-there devil costume for one more post-Halloween bash. Or, if you're feeling especially holy, why not gear up for Christmas and string together a slutty snow angel costume? The possibilities are mind boggling.
Guy's, it might be a little hard to get a hold of a blood red suit post 1984, but if you can, I strongly suggest it.

As the body heat rises on the dancefloor, DJ sets by Erika Starr, DJ Cre-8 and good ol' DJ Orgy will be there to shepherd your bodies through an obstacle course of sinful beats with heavenly execution. Sure, KIIS FM's interpretation of good vs. evil might swing a little bit more toward the latter, but even if the angels are out numbered tomorrow night, there's no reason we can't all kick back a few $3 Wet Pussy shots and have a good time.

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