Club Pick:The Good Foot's 10th Anniversary at Que Sera

Since the beginning, Que Sera's monthly Good Foot dance party promised three things: Good times, strong drinks and a five-star musical feast. These might sound like simple promises, but after a successful 10 years of soulful celebration, swagger and sweat it's obvious that the best parties thrive on the basics.

Walking into the Good Foot party was bit like stepping through a time warp before the age crunk, clear heels and iPods . Silver streamers covered the ceiling above the checkered floor and the sounds of the 60's flow from every cramped corner of this Long Beach hangout. Across from the bar, a shower of laser lights rained on the dance floor in front of a rotating backdrop of classic album covers. Manning the DJ booth was a lengthy roster of old-school enthusiasts like Bobby Soul, Scott Weaver and of course Good Foot co-creator Dennis Owens.

By 10 p.m. the club seemed to reach it's full claustrophobic capacity. It was almost impossible to avoid brushing up on a stranger while the full-throated soul of James Brown, Eddie Kendricks and Otis Redding weaved around in a sea of grinding hips. Even though upbeat vinyl tunes were the night's main attraction, the fun would have fallen flat without the steady flow of GF die-hards taking the dance floor with abandon . From a seasoned soul steppers to the rhythmically challenged, everyone seemed to find a place in the hot mesh of beats and bodies.

Even in the grips of sauna-like heat, Owens and a few others managed to rock sharp suits and smiles, for which I give them major credit.

Critic's Notebook

Random Detail: Props to Owens' parents for working the door and passing out mix CD's.

Personal Bias: I always make sure to lace up my Wing Tips before cutting a rug.

By The Way: Happy Birthday Good Foot, we look forward to your awkward teenage years.

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