Club Pick: Scooter and Levelle at Sutra Nov. 22

PhotobucketFans of house music culture are in store for a demonstration true DJ dexterity tomorrow night as Sutra Lounge hosts the innovative turntable duo Scooter and Levelle. Considered local heroes of the San Diego club scene where they first emerged, their sound relies on a basic mantra: two DJs, with a lust for sonic alchemy, spinning four records simultaneously to create a unified sound. But of course, each man brings their own style to the mix. DJ Scooter handles most of the vinyl scratching turntable tricks while Levelle uses his keen sense of cadence to mix a nonstop flow of progressive beats. Together, the combined sonic flurry mixes hip-hop, house, pop and rock in brilliantly blended fashion. They've even managed to give their sound a name, can anybody say “bangin' progressive turntablism”? There's no way that won't catch on. Making a stop at Sutra on tour for their latest album “Gettin' It Done”, its pretty much a sure thing that the will do just that.

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