cLAB Launches L.A. Chapter In Style

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On July 22, the Rooftop at The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles was packed with form fitting dresses, sport coats and stilettos as many people in the industry gathered in celebration of Cannabis LAB’s (Law, accounting and business) launch of their Los Angeles chapter. The former stereotypes and assumptions of the typical “pothead” are melting away as elements in this space continue to transform and evolve. The cLAB’s launch party depicted a perfect display of that evolution, as they combined the cannabis industry with luxury at this high class event.

“cLAB is a professional networking and education association,” said cLAB’s founder Robert Friedman. “And we’re looking to bring professionalism to the cannabis industry.”

Currently, they’ve successfully achieved that with their other chapters in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and Friedman says there are several others in motion, but the purpose of this party was to grow awareness and let all of L.A. know they’re ready for them. Also, those seeking a profound education in regards to the cannabis industry no longer have to look further than cLAB. At this time they have close to six months of educational programming prepared and part of this event was networking to ensure people know where to go and what cLAB has to offer.

And if we were judging by first impressions, I’d say they have a lot. The security was so tight, you needed your cLAB lanyard as well as a green wristband issued by The Standard to even step foot on the escalator, however the hotel didn’t communicate this necessity ahead of time, so the back and forth trek upset a handful of sponsors and executives. Once the elevator doors dinged, indicating they’d reached the rooftop, it seemed like people couldn’t exit fast enough.

Not being much of a vodka drinker, I headed to the bar (after my red carpet photos of course) and was pleasantly surprised when the bartender told me all drinks were hosted, what?! Open bar-fantastic! Best of all though, just as my stomach started to growl, a server appeared out of nowhere with a tray full of lobster something on a crostini, “would you like one?” Umm, the answer is yes. Thankfully, the variety of decadent snacks seemed endless, so I continued to indulge on the teardrop waterbeds that surrounded the pool.

Once my hunger subsided, to the front of the crowd I went. President Peter Holzworth, California State Treasurer John Chiang and other participating parties were giving speeches and information about cLAB, while not forgetting to thank “each and every person” for their involvement, celebration and support. With the formalities out of the way, the medicating area started to fill up and even the sessions were on another level. Roll, smoke, repeat, my kind of party. It was better than the open bar and when the ones wrapped in 24 karat gold came my way, I couldn’t help but to take an extra hit, literally beautiful on the inside and out.

Like many others, I’m not too sure what to expect with the pass of Prop 64, however, with such prestigious organizations like cLAB involved, it’s undeniable we’re heading in the right direction–but I do have one suggestion for next time: better music!

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