Civil Rights Groups, Pols Slam Bigoted Anaheim Gadfly–But Comparing Mexicans to Apes is OK to Them

A week ago, longtime Anaheim crank William Denis Fitzgerald made waves during a special Anaheim city council meeting by lambasting councilman Jordan Brandman as representative of a small cabal of “evil” and “scheming” Jews, and topped it off by calling him “one very sick faggot.”

Fitzgerald's homophobic slur at the end elicited immediate disapproval and disgust from the dais and the assembled public. Condemnations of Fitzgerald–Anaheim's version of Archie Bunker, who has also trashed Muslims and Vietnamese in the past–rightfully came swiftly from all corners, with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Log Cabin Republicans and the Orange County Human Relations Commission issuing press releases decrying him. And, Anaheim politics being what they are today, Councilwoman Kris Murray and her lackeys at the blog headed by hack Matt Cunningham (who outed sex-abuse victims) are blaming Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait for Fitzgerald's rant. Murray appeared alongside Tait on PBS' SoCal Insider saying, “I think what's hardball is when we have the chambers filled with hate speech…That really is what should be the story, the presiding officer not taking action to stop what was some very clear, horrific things that were anti-Semitic.”

What a pendeja–especially considering last year, one of Cunningham's frequent commentators was as racist toward Mexicans…yet nary a peep.


James Robert Reade has long launched his racist screeds–and only we have complained. His berating of bereaved Anaheim mothers who lost their sons in fatal officer-involved shootings landed him a spot on the Weekly's 'Scariest People' issue last year. He remains the only loser ever banned from commenting on our blogs–and you know how damn lenient we are.

During an April 2012 meeting of the Anaheim city council, Reade gave nasty comments comparing Mexicans to apes. “Bonobos in captivity have learned to use human language unlike Latino gang bangers and graffiti vandals who flunk out of Anaheim High School and use gang bang gibberish,” he said. “Bonobo females migrate to other groups when they reach puberty eliminating the chance for incest and this increases genetic diversity whereas incest is prevalent among females and their Latino uncles.”

He capped off the particularly rant that I described then as an “uninterrupted display that would make an early 20th century eugenicist blush,” by likening council candidate John Leos to an “intellectually defunct” Latino.

Where was the chorus of condemnation then? Or ever, as Reade's screeds continue complete with mocking stereotypical accents? Oh, that's right. He lambasts Mexis and in OC that will only get you a chorus of crickets.

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