Civil Disobedience!


To speak of It's Revenge, we must first recall the writings of Henry David Thoreau, he of Walden and Civil Disobedience. Earlier this month, while floating in Thoreau's famed Walden Pond—a side excursion of a Boston vacation—we gazed up at a sky pockmarked by poofy white clouds and contemplated our existence in this idyllic, pristine setting, surrounded by forests and blissfully imbibing the transcendent peace of bobbing in a swimming hole that's been left undisturbed by humans for thousands of years—not counting the young girl we watched shit right there into the drink.

We also thought of patience and craftsmanship—Thoreau stayed at Walden for two years, living off the land, building his own cabin for shelter, carving out a simple way of life—and subsequently, upon returning home, we thought of It's Revenge and their Thoreauian fortitude. Basically, it's taken this band forever to put this fucking CD out. “Kill Your Radio,” after all, has been around since it was slapped onto a Weekly local band CD comp a couple of years ago, back when the band still went by Super Bright Light. Naturally, “Kill Your Radio” is the best thing on here, maybe just because it's so familiar (the POV stills rings true, though).

As musicians, It's Revenge—the greatest band to ever hail from Midway City, by the way—are experts in constructing tasty power-pop riffs and fabulously noisy rock N roll. It's very Cheap Trick, even if the lead cut, “Going Home,” starts with a Pistols-purloined riff before eventually settling sweetly into something Robin Zander could warble. The music is incessantly hooky, organic guitar rock, with bristly choruses that you may grow to hate because they'll stick in your psyche for so long. But as a soundtrack for a summer walk in the woods, we like to think that Henry D. would've approved.


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