Civic Duty

Tuesdays are such a yawn. You might as well stay inside all day—unless there’s something extremely important happening, like, say . . . the friggin’ election! Today is Election Day. Don’t be lazy. This is your chance to do something meaningful. Just get out of bed and perform your patriotic duty as an American by voting. Wait—what’s wrong? You don’t know whom or what to vote for? Well, our editorial board at the Weekly has a policy of not endorsing any political candidates or propositions. Sorry. Really, we are. Nevertheless, it’s exciting. O.h, B.oy, A. M.ajor A.dministration change is coming! Just vote NO on 8. Hate is just the worst, isn’t it? Try to remember that. Thank you for reading. You may now return to your bed.

Tue., Nov. 4, 7 a.m., 2008

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