City Law Smashes Sex Offenders' Pumpkins

After reading that an out-of-state town passed an ordinance requiring sex offenders on Halloween night to turn off their porch lights, not answer their doors and, for God's sake, not distribute candy to children, I thought it's a good thing no such law exists in my city lest anyone assume my neighbors who spend every Oct. 31 holed up in the back of their darkened house are pedophiles.

Then I discovered the city of Orange passed a law in February that goes even farther.

Eugene W. Fields has the scoop in the Orange County Register.

As part of the first-ever law of its kind in Orange County, city officials have sent letters to 73 Orange residents registered in the state crime database for sex offenses against minors that they must dim exterior lights on Halloween.

But they are also required to post signs outside their homes stating that no candy or treats are available, and Halloween decorations are verboten.

Violators face a $1,000 fine and/or up to six months in jail.

City officials vow the law will be vigorously enforced this witching season.

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