City and Army Corps of Engineers Celebrate Partnership to Reconfigure the Breakwaters

Time was, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was perceived as a foe–or, at least, slow on the uptake–when it came to the proposed reconfiguration of the Long Beach breakwaters, which surfers, environmentalists and even some city officials want to return waves to the city shoreline.

However, the Corps is now cast as a partner in the effort.

Or, perhaps more accurately, a partner in studying the feasibility of possibly reconfiguring the wave breakers. That sounds standard issue government conditional enough, no?

The Long Beach Press-Telegram has the scoop on Mayor Bob Foster at 10 a.m. today leading a delegation of city and federal officials for a signing ceremony of what's known as the East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration process. The event is to be held at Bluff Park, just south of Ocean Boulevard between Cherry and Junipero avenues.

Councilman Patrick O'Donnell, a strong advocate for breakwater alterations to improve wave action, boasts to the P-T, “Long Beach isn't a voice in the wilderness.” But there is still this to contend with: federal funding to conduct the study.

Enjoy the cricket serenade a bit longer, ladies and germs.

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