Citizen of the Week: Hands Off the Little Girl, Grandpa

If you're a horny, numbskull, adult male thinking about having sex with an underage female, please read, ponder and digest this cautionary tale.

It's not only a public service, but also potentially a way for you to avoid living in a hellhole California prison for decades.

Or, you can ignore this admonition and end up like the pathetic Esteban Antonio Villamil.

While living in Tijuana several years ago, the then-61-year-old Villamil sexually molested his 9-year-old step-granddaughter, according to Orange County Superior Court records.

The crimes–usually committed when other members of the family were away from home or asleep–continued when family members relocated to the Fullerton and Santa Ana area.

Villamil gave the youngster cash in misguided, unsuccessful hopes his victim would remain mum about his acts.


It didn't work. Police were notified. He was arrested and offered this defense: He didn't force the minor girl to do anything against her will.

In fact, according to court records, the granddad claimed the girl eagerly wanted him “to use her.”
A jury convicted the 5-foot-tall, 160-pound Villamil of having substantial sexual contact with his victim, and Superior Court Judge Michael J. Cassidy sentenced him to prison.

But the defendant appealed, largely renewing his contention that he had the girl's consent for sex.

Here, numbskulls, is hopefully your moment of Zen to be repeated over and over and over to yourselves: A minor can't legally give consent.

Still confused?

Even if you claim the girl invited you to engage in sex–heck, let's say she put her enticement in writing–and you claim you reluctantly agreed, you will still be arrested, charged and found guilty in California because under no circumstances can she hand you immunity.

“[State law] recognizes that children are 'uniquely susceptible' to [sexual abuse] as a result of their dependence upon adults, smaller size and relative naivete,” California Court of Appeal Justice Kathleen E. O'Leary wrote this week on behalf of a panel with colleagues Eileen C. Moore and David A. Thompson. “The statute assumes that young victims suffer profound harm whenever they are perceived and used as objects of sexual desire. . . . Here, the law implies incapacity to give consent, and this implication is conclusive [her emphasis].”

Upshot: Villamil, now 65, will continue serving his 34-year punishment inside the California State Prison at Centinela.

If he ever returns to freedom, he will live as a registered sex offender.

(“Citizen of the Week!” periodically highlights the depths of human depravity in Orange County, California.)

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