Cirque Shanghai Bai Xi

Cirque Shanghai Bai Xi is an example of human ingenuity at its best. The Chinese acrobatic troupe combines impossible stunts and lavish costumes to produce a spectacle worthy of Wuxia. Feats include 10-plus people balanced on one bicycle in the shape of a peacock, a woman riding a unicycle atop an umbrella being held by a man, and a woman balancing on a man’s head with one foot. Though the performances are beautiful and sophisticated, the troupe aren’t above bringing out a few motorcycles for some good ol’ motorcyclists-in-a-globe-cage stunts. On days when they aren’t performing three shows per day, the troupe practices six hours daily, but even this doesn’t account for how well the acrobats perform their gravity-ignoring acts.
Dec. 26-31, 2010

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