Cirque Éloize in Cirkopolis

Ever wish to yourself, “If only someone would re-imagine the 1927 German expressionist sci-fi flick Metropolis as a modern-day Cirque performance art show”? Of course you have. Thank Cirque Éloize, a troupe of avant-garde circus renewal artists from Canada, who created a fascinating new twist on the Cirque category. The gravity-defying aerialist feats, body contortioning, and balancing acts are still abundant but they've skipped the visual flood of rainbow colors and endless sequins. In Cirkopolis, the dresscode is greyscale set before a retro-futurist industrial landscape, a sprawling backdrop of smoggy skyscrapers and grinding metal gears—and then there's the woman in the jewel-toned dress. Absolutely stunning.

Thu., Jan. 30; Fri., Jan. 31; Sat., Feb. 1, 2014

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