Cirilo Flores, Ineffective Diocese of Orange Auxiliary Bishop, to Leave for Diocese of San Diego

The era of Cirilo Flores–just named coadjutor bishop of the Diocese of San Diego–is ending the same way it started: with people trying to remember who he was.

Flores joined the Diocese of Orange in 2009 as an auxiliary bishop, really just filling the token Mexi bishop seat for head pedo-protector Tod D. Brown (the same way Dominic Luong is there to make Vietnamese Catholics happy). He did nothing of note in his three years here (tomorrow is the anniversary of his appointment by Pope Benedict XVI)–no outspoken protector of undocumented immigrants like his predecessor, Jaime Soto, or a pedophile protector supreme like Brownie. No, his pedophile protecting ways was while he was a plain ol' priest.

What's a coadjutor bishop for non-Papists? Essentially the heir to the bishop's seat. Flores will take over for current San Diego Bishop Robert Brom when he retires.

Now, the guessing game begins: who'll succeed Brownie, now that Flores is no more? Will Soto return from the Diocese of Sacramento–a real cow town by diocesan standards–to take the helm at his home diocese (Maybe, but most likely no)? Will it come from within the Orange diocese (not in a million years: you know the pickings are slim when the most prominent Latino priest–and Brownie's successor WILL be a Latino, if Benedict's focus on the global South is any indicator–is Art Holquin over at the Mission, as vain a man as you'll ever meet)? Some orthodox guy from the outside (you know it!)? Heckuva job, Brownie!

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