Chuck Devore Book Selling Super, Super-Cheap!

A couple of nights ago, I had a reading in San Diego so decided to visit the maniacal genius known as Dr. William Nericcio, head of the English department at San Diego State and keeper of the insane Tex(t)-Mex blog. Before knocking back drinks with him at some Mean Streets-esque bar, I headed to SDSU's bookstore to find some used books. Everything was discounted to begin with AND 75 percent off, which meant I bought about $200 worth of books for $20–and which meant I was privy to the worst insult Irvine assemblymember Chuck DeVore has probably ever suffered.

In 2000, DeVore co-wrote China Attacks, which the conservative magazine Human Events praised as “…a page-turner for those interested in Sino-American affairs… this commonsense approach to foreign relations couldn't be more timely.” It must be somewhat popular, because still has its second printing in stock at $14.76, but it also can't be that popular since used copies can be had at Amazon for $8.36. However, nothing can compare to the ignominy that San Diego State paid DeVore: China Attacks was available for 99 cents. Since there was a 75 percent discount on all books available, I scored DeVore's book for 24 cents. What the hell can you buy with $0.24 anymore? DeVore's book. Sorry, Chuck—no author deserves their tomes to depreciate so much, but I guess that's the free market, right?

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