Christopher Polovina, Newport Beach Pro Surfer, In Trouble With the Law Again

Newport Beach pro surfer Christopher Polovina allegedly violated his probation in connection with a plea deal he made in New Jersey, where he'd made threats against his ex-wife.

Court records indicate Polovina pleaded not guilty at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach to unlawful possession of a controlled substance, possession for sale of controlled substances, being under the influence of a controlled substance, and resisting a peace officer.


Christopher J. Polovina, Newport Beach Pro Surfer, Gets Probation for Ex-Wife Threats

A source says Polovina, who is represented by veteran Orange County defense attorney Paul S. Meyer, was also busted for DUI in August.

He was facing up to seven years in prison in New Jersey after pleading guilty to multiple counts related to threats he made against his ex-wife during two days in February 2009. Polovina and the court agreed to a plea deal that put him on probation for four years as long as he obtained substance-abuse and mental-health evaluations, followed all recommendations of both, attended and completed anger-management counseling, submitted to random drug screens, and paid restitution for extradition expenses.

By that time, Polovina had spent 16 days in jail, paid various fines and penalties, and been ordered to permanently stay away from his ex. Violation of the restraining order or his probation terms would subject Polovina to possible jail time, New Jersey officials said at the time of the plea deal.

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