Christopher Dorner Manhunt Makes Southern California Police Pilots Behave

Numerous Southern California airborne law-enforcement pilots routinely fly low and loud over residential communities in asinine displays of power on par in maturity with uneducated punks who roll down their car windows and blare obnoxious music at stoplights.

But not for the past three nights.
Police pilots are flying high and out of sight for now as a tactic in the manhunt to capture ex-Los Angeles Police Department officer Christopher Dorner, who is the suspect in the recent murder of three people and the author of a chilling manifesto declaring war on dirty cops.


The cops don't want Dorner to know where they are hovering in the skies in hopes of pouncing if he makes a bumbling move. 
For the cops, the high elevation is obviously wise. 
They can't be seen or heard above certain altitudes while they employ powerful surveillance equipment to closely monitor ground activities.
But will the visual trickery of dozens of helicopters and planes work on Dorner, who so far has outsmarted thousands and thousands of officers hunting him?

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