Christmas at the Snoopermarket: Five Best Items to Give From Snoop Dogg's Store

If  you recall, it was Snoop Dogg's dream to have a chain of grocery stores called Snoopermarkets everywhere. In the meantime, he' has the Snoopermarket, an online store that sells more musician-like merch that you would expect from the 420 icon concert. Music paraphernalia, shirts, caps and CDs are pretty much run of the mill (along with the $30-a-t-shirt price tag!).

 But then there are some goodies that you' definitely leave space in your stockings for–find out what kind of luxury Snoop Dogg merchandise you can get if you're willing to spend for it. 

1. Snoop Dogg Luxury Bath Robe
How can you go wrong with this $149.95 microfiber robe? This  microfiber bathrobe comes with “a 85% poly and 15% satin shell with 80% cotton 20% poly soft French terry knit lining.”

2. Serious Pimp Sunglasses in Glossy Black
These seriously pimpin' sunglasses don't come cheap: at $150 a pair, you better make sure there's a semblance of Snoop in there before you buy them.

3. Snoop Dogg Rasta Image Plush Blanket
Maybe you can get a regular plush blanket for $25, but Snoop Dogg's velveteen blanket, with his likeness in rasta colors will make you feel ultrawarm and fuzzy, even if it costs $99.99 a pop. (Bonus: be the first to get it when you preorder!)

4. Snoop Dogg License Plate Frame
The cheapest way to declare your allegiance to everything Snoop is this blue and paisley license plate frame–it costs only $9.99!


5. Serious Pimp Bandanna Socks Red
Not only will you look ultra steezy in these Serious Pimp Bandanna socks for $12.99, it will also prove that you know your Snoop Dogg discography. Remember Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi's video for “That Tree”? 

With these bandannas, you'll end up paying tribute not only to Snoop, but also the smoking legend Cheech and Chong. Straight grillin'!

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