Christ Cathedral Needs Another Sacrifice from OC Catholics [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

For this week’s Orange Feathers editorial cartoon, artist Al Gae took on the recent news that the Diocese of Orange is asking OC Catholics—again—for millions of dollars in donations for the renovation of Christ Cathedral because of cost overruns. Take it away, Al!

Reminiscent of the ancient Aztec practice of offering human sacrifice to the gods, the Diocese of Orange County is asking incredible sacrifice of OC Catholics.  The church paid $57 million for the Crystal Cathedral, now renamed the Christ Cathedral. After accepting $59 million in donations for renovations, the church found itself at a significant loss. The cost of repairs and overruns were grossly underestimated and will require an additional $40 million from the faithful. Cutbacks to the project and further fundraising and are in the works, so it appears this modern day blood-letting hasn’t stopped. Will the Christ Cathedral end up becoming Orange County’s Tower of Babel?

“End up”? It was already when it was the Crystal Cathedral—BOOM

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