Chris Schlarb's 'Psychic Temple' Needs Your Help

Two years ago, Long Beach musician/composer Chris Schlarb started hearing music in his head. According to Schlarb, half of jazz/drone duo  I Heart Lung, he couldn't find that music and emotional space anywhere else, so he set about collaborating with 28
musicians (with four bassists, six vocalists, two horn sections,
and one string quartet) to build that space.


He wanted to make “music that possessed the rich textures of folk,
jazz, and modern classical music with the rhythmic pulse of microhouse. I
wanted something beautiful and easy to listen to. Something that would
transport me from the noise and stress of the city to another place
entirely.”  The result? Psychic Temple, where Schlarb
collaborated with Mick Rossi of the Philip Glass Ensemble, Minutemen
bassist Mike Watt, vocalists Julianna Barwick, DM Stith, Joel St. Julien
(of ELLUL) and more.

Schlarb made a deal with record label Asthmatic Kitty to digitally release “Psychic
Temple” on Nov. 23, but he also wants to release the set in vinyl–but he can only do it if people pledge more than $3,555 by Dec. 2 on Schlarb's Kickstarter campaign.

What do you get if you pledge money toward the completion of his project? Schlarb's
label, Sounds Are Active, will print 500 LPs of the album, hand-numbered
and signed. For all pledges of $10 or more, folks will receive the
digital download of the album.

Different levels of donation will deliver more, including hand-written sheet music, two hours
at Sounds Are Active Studios, Electro-Harmonix equipment used on the
record, a song written for you, a chance for Chris Schlarb to produce
your record, and even having him fly anywhere in the US and perform Psychic Temple (and even take requests). If that sounds good, wait til you hear bits from the album here.

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