Chris McAmis' Arraignment on Murder Charge Delayed

Accused murderer Chris McAmis requested a new arraignment date today via his public defender, Leslie Gordon, at the Los Angeles Superior Court in Whittier. Commissioner Armando Moreno granted the request and set a new date for March 22, though he warned there would be no further continuances.


That will be the third arraignment hearing for the 32-year-old Fullerton man, whom police say strangled Fullerton College student Lynsie Ekelund 10 years ago, then dumped her body in a remote canyon in Santa Clarita. (See “Lynsie Ekelund's Accused Killer Awaits Arraignment.”) McAmis is currently in the custody of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deparment. He is being held without bail.
Gordon told the Moreno she needed the continuance to examine several recorded witness statements taken by law-enforcement investigators and said there were also “forensic issues” that needed to be examined. She also added she has been working two other trials concurrently. Meanwhile  McAmis, clad in a blue jail-issued jump suit, his hands cuffed in front of him, kept his head down except to say “yes” when asked if he understood he was waiving his right to a speedy preliminary hearing. 
Outside the courtroom, a misty-eyed Nancy Ekelund, the victim's mother, expressed disappointment at the slow pace of the proceedings, but added, “I waited nine and a half years; I can wait two more months.”

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