Chris Kattan and Friends

What is love? It’s Chris Kattan, and the heart of a particularly hardy Saturday Night Live skit that helped make him and Will Ferrell a little more famous. (Surely you’re doing that dinosaur head bob as you read this.) But now Kattan’s ten years past his SNL tenure and hitting the comedy clubs with reinforcements from Jeffrey Richards and Barry Rothbart. Kattan is new to stand-up, despite advanced experience elsewhere and a father who was there for the beginnings of the Groundlings improv troupe. But it seems like he’s really going for it. Plenty of the advance press for this turns on the word “physical,” so expect extremely calisthenic hilarity but observe the same rules you do at Sea World—like not sitting right in front unless you want the wild animals to include you in the act.

Wed., June 19, 8 p.m., 2013

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