Chris Gaffney: Rest in Peace

Former Weekly music editor Jim Washburn just emailed us with the sad news of OC musical icon Chris Gaffney's passing:

“I apologize for not calling personally to pass this on, but I'm finding it hard to speak: Chris Gaffney's brother Greg called to say that Chris passed away this morning. His family was with him, the goodbyes were said and he wasn't in pain. Would that could be said for the rest of us. He leaves a gap that can't be filled, though I'm sure we'll all do what we can. Love to you all. — Jim”

Gaffney was only recently diagnosed with liver cancer; he had also recently begun chemotherapy treatments. No additional info as of yet on the website established to help raise funds for Gaffney's treatment (, but keep checking. Also, no word as of yet on the status of the Gaffney benefit at the Doll Hut scheduled to happen on Sunday, April 27, which is/was to have feature/d Big Sandy, the Ziggens, Kid Ramos, the Torquays, and others….

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