Chris Gaffney has liver cancer

Chris Gaffney, who for years has been pretty much OC's go-to guy for quality country music playing, singing and songwriting, has been diagnosed with liver cancer. And, like far too many musicians, he needs help to pay for his very costly chemotherapy treatments. Even though Gaffney has health insurance, it's still not enough, and an additional $60,000 must be raised.

As former OC Weekly columnist and music editor Jim Washburn writes:

(H)e's never been that well off, but he's always been the first to sign on to help someone else, whether it's playing a benefit or moving a fridge. He's also a great songwriter and my favorite living country singer. He'd stack up well against most of the dead ones, too, but I'd very much prefer we keep him in his current category. That's going to take a lot of help and hope. Any of either that you can spare would be greatly appreciated, by me, his family, and a whole lot of other people.

For more info, including where to donate, click right here.

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