Chris D'Elia Explains His Weird Nickname and His Vine Addiction

It helps to have funny friends in high places. Just ask Chris D'Elia. His biggest gig to date came when pal Whitney Cummings wrote a part for him on her show “Whitney.” He's also been making us laugh for a while as a voice on an Internet radio show called the “Ten Minute Podcast” with his boys (and fellow comics) Bryan Callen and Will Sasso. But aside from a few helping hands he's received, he's also become known in the comedy world in his own right for being a pretty good (yet totally goofy) guy with a sick sense of humor and an even sicker set of eyebrows. He's coming to do his first full weekend at the Irvine Improv this April 18th-21st and since Chris seems to be oh so helpful through advice and videos on-line (good and bad), we decided to pick his brain on a few topics before his Irvine run just for you.


OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): How did you, Will, and Bryan come up with the idea of doing a ten minute podcast?

Chris D'Elia: People are always like, “I love podcasts and I listen to so many podcasts.” But I don't know one fucking person that listens to one fucking whole podcast that is two hours long. I don't have the time for that! I don't want to! I don't have the attention span. When Will said, “Let's do a ten minute podcast,” I was like, that's awesome. It's over quick! Also when people drive to work, they can listen to a couple of them. So it's different bits and it's fun to do. So if you like the ten minutes, you just listen to another one.

I've heard the term “dough goat” on your podcast a lot but can you break down what it is because it seems like there are a few definitions.

That's Bryan's term. I don't even know what the fuck a dough goat is. It's literal or something. It's guess it's a goat that eats dough. That's his insult. Bryan saying you're a dough goat is, you're a goat, you eat dough, and you shit. I mean, it really is lame.

Haha! It makes you so mad!

Because it's not even anything! It's nothing! When he says it, it's like the worst insult ever! He could say something better. Anything that comes out of that guy's mouth bothers me. I just want to punch him.

So funny…Ok, fill me in on the rapper Chank Smith. It's crazy that he's actually better than half of the rappers these days.

Yeah, thank you. Chank Smith is a friend of mine from Nevada and I help him out with his rap career because I think he is fucking super good. I mean, he's funny but I think that a lot of stuff is funny in rap today so it kind of blurs the line. What he says he believes is real, you know what I mean? He doesn't rap about having guns or growing up in a broken home because he didn't grow up like that. I think when people make funny rap albums they try to make the beat funny and it's all a joke in itself. I didn't expect when the album came out for a lot of people to actually be like, “Hey it's really good!” But I got a good producer on it and it really worked.

Are you addicted to your Vine app and can you only raise your left eyebrow or is that kind of your “signature move?”

I can raise both but the left brow is the money maker. I love Vine! It's so funny to me. I laugh all day on Vine. I can't believe I have so many followers from all of the stupid videos I do. There are so many people that I need to record on Vine and make fun of so people can see. That's the stuff. I love it.

I can't wait to see you in Irvine…give me the hype for the show.

I'm doing my Comedy Central special very soon so you'll see a version of that in Irvine. I've done spots there but I've never done it for the whole weekend. I love the crowds down in Irvine though so I'm really excited, it'll be a good time.

Chris D'Elia performs at the Irvine Improv on April 18th-21st, 71 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618., (949) 854-5455. For tickets go to For more info, visit, check out his podcast at, and follow him on Twitter: @chrisdelia.

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