Choux Creme Brings Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Sandwiches to Fullerton

Steam clouds in SoCal ice cream parlors are becoming a common sight thanks to the liquid nitrogen ice cream OG, Creamistry. Yet Choux Creme, Fullerton’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream shop, takes the futuristic frozen treat to the next level by incorporating the ever popular customizable ice cream sandwich —you can even get yourself a nitro iced coffee here, too.

Choux’s decked-out desserts have quickly garnered a large interest as crowded lines stretch out the door on weekends—not bad for a five-month-old shop. So far, the parlor’s most popular order is the choux (a puffy French pastry) ice cream sandwich and the ice cream creme bun sandwich—think After’s milky bun

Now, in order to create your glorious dessert you’ll have to make a few tough decisions…

First, pick a pastry. Brownies, danishes, cookies, choux, glazed buns, cheesecake, and colorful macaroons are all game for ice cream stuffing. 
Next, pick an ice cream flavor. Chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, cookie butter, matcha green tea, mint, salted caramel, strawberry and vanilla bean round up the available options.

Finally, pimp out your ice cream creation by adding toppings and/or syrups for a dollar each. Oh, and don’t forget to check in on Yelp for a free mini choux creme. 

Now, nitro ice cream is not the cheapest—a regular sized order costs $5 and a large is $7. But keep in mind that you’re paying for a uniquely icy treat as well as a spectacle. Children and adults often stare wide-eyed while their ice cream orders are made right in front of them in a science lab setting. 
While you indulge your sweet tooth at Choux Creme, admire the place’s minimalistic gray and white interiors that seemingly pay homage to the ice cream parlors of the 1950’s. Then your eyes will cross the industrial-looking liquid nitrogen ice cream machines and shiny metal nitrogen barrels. Choux Creme somehow manages to give credit to the old-school American parlor while simultaneously ushering in the future of ice cream. 

Choux Creme, 115 E. Commonwealth Ave., Unit A, Fullerton, (714) 738-6022;

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