Chipotle to Offer FREE Burritos and Tacos–Here's How to Get Them!

Regular readers know I'm not the biggest fan of Chipotle, both for its corporate history and its flavor. So this post goes out to my good pal, the mysterious Ben Dayhoe of SanTana blogging fame: Chipotle is giving away burritos and tacos FOR FREE on January 26. And the only catch is as tasty a catch as you can ever imagine–if Chipotle is your thing, that is.


That day, Chipotle unveils its latest offering: Sofritas, organic tofu braised with chipotle and poblanos. Buy one on its opening day, present that receipt any time between January 27 and the end of February, and you're entitled to a free burrito, bowl, or taco–your choice.

All the details are here. Time to run a couple of extra marathons to slim down, Dayhoe!

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