Chipotle-Commissioned Graffiti in Manhattan Gets Graffitied

For an anarcho-libertarian like myself (whatever the hell that means), nothing is more hilarious than multi-million-dollar corporations trying to be hip and edgy by co-opting the culture of the lower classes. That's been the story of Mexican food in this country since forever (all told in my book, coming out April 2012!), but in this case, I'm talking about companies using the illusion of “street art” to seem like they're bad-asses.

In Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, there is a Chipotle that since at least 2008 (as far back as I can tell) has had its name tagged on the side of its wall. Oh, it wasn't one of its insane hipster fans in a moment of inspiration, buzzed on cilantro lime rice, but rather commissioned by the company to, you know, appear down. They even threw in stencils of pseudo-Aztec and Maya codices to try and gain points with la raza.

But, as is typical of such situations, actual taggers got mad and ruined the precious bit of spontaneity that only money can buy. Defaced Chipotle graffiti after the jump!

No idea how long Chipotle's sanctioned graffiti has been defaced, although I've seen photos of Flickr dating it to at least July of this past year. I don't usually advocate vandalism (and I actually have a special enmity toward taggers, but that's another story), but can't help but to think that God guided the tips of those spray cans as karma for Chipotle vandalizing San Francisco's Mission-style burrito…HA!

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