'Chinese Democracy' is Here, Free Dr. Pepper is Not. (Yet.)

As if you hadn't heard. Chinese Democracy, the Guns N' Roses record long thought to be vaporware, is out today, exclusively at Best Buy. So in case you're buying a cheap DVD copy of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and need something to listen to on the ride home, they've got you covered!

What's not so nice and tidy is this free Dr. Pepper we've all been promised. Instead of just being able to walk into your locals Vons and demand one, i.e. Taco Bell and their various baseball-inspired freebies, you've actually got to fill out this form and then wait four to six weeks for a coupon for said free Dr. Pepper. Totally lame. There are few things in this life waiting four to six weeks for, and a free Dr. Pepper is not one. Their Web site's been slammed, so good luck with all that. But I will try to make the experience all the more sweet by abstaining from Dr. Pepper until I receive my coupon. It's one of the sneaky moral lessons I picked up from seeing Twilight this weekend. You only have a few more hours to register, so do it! (I love how there's an option for existing members to log in. Who the fuck would register on Dr. Pepper's Web site before today?)

As far the album itself, the reviews are pretty mixed. I haven't listened to it yet; I'm more excited by the hoopla surrounding it than any nostalgic attachment to GnR themselves. I was four years old when Appetite for Destruction was released. But I'll check it out. I do have fond memories of that song from the Terminator 2 soundtrack. The video, at least.

In fact, here it is!

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