Chili's Allegedly Serves Alcoholic Mudslide Instead of Chocolate Shake to 4-Year-Old

It was first Applebee's, then Olive Garden, and now this.

Chili's is the third restaurant in the last few weeks to be accused of serving an alcoholic drink to a child. This time it's in Chicago, and the drink was a Mudslide allegedly mistaken for chocolate shake.

The company is disputing some of the details. They say the waitress served the child fruit punch in a plastic cup with a lid and straw, and gave the chocolaty rum drink to the mother.


In related news, there are reports that Applebee's servers will now be required to pour their juice tableside from single serving containers.  And in an interview with Nation's Restaurant News, a representative for Darden Restaurants Inc., which owns Olive Garden, stated that all their alcoholic drinks will now be done to order instead of from pre-mixed batches.

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