Chicken Charlie's, Maker of Deep-Fried Kool-Aid and the Krispy Kreme Sandwich, to Open an OC Restaurant?

​Our arteries are quivering already. 
Chicken Charlie's, the county-fair stand famous for its deep-fried wonders–s'mores, PB&J, Oreos, cheesecake, frogs' legs, cheeseburgers and Girl Scout cookies, to name a mouthful–may become a brick-and-mortar restaurant. At last! No more battling fairground parking and paying admission for your favorite batter-smothered snack.  


Foodbeast reports that owner Charlie Boghosian is shopping for a retail space in either OC or San Diego. (It also reports that he plans to launch a home fryer for the masses–imagine being able make deep-fried Twinkies in your own kitchen!)   
Until then, find Chicken Charlie's concoctions at the OC Fair until Aug. 14.  
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